Monday, May 30, 2011

Practice/Recovery/Sleep: Sleep

sleep monitor

I had one more third of practice/recovery/sleep to write about, but I had nothing to write about sleep. I mean, I sleep. I think I'm good about sleep, I know that shorting myself on sleep just takes it out of the other two thirds and shorting myself on recovery just takes it out of practice. I did have to work through how horrifyingly little time that leaves for actual work, having been steeped in this goody two shoes, gonzo brew of I'll sleep when I'm dead and work hard, play hard that happens with puritans gone wild.

But then for the past week I have been participating in this sleeping while Asian study, so here's me doing that. I only had to wear the nose and finger thingy for one night to test if I have sleep apnea, which I don't think I do, and the rest of the week I've been wearing this wristwatch that measures how much I move around. I would love to see that data. Like five times a week for two hours I move around a lot, and the rest of the week I don't move at all. Except my eyes and mouth and hands, like Jabba the Hut.