Friday, May 6, 2011

May Diet Quality Card

may diet card

I have emancipated myself from Corner Bakery. It happened in two stages, first switching from coffee with blueberry muffin to coffee with bagel and cream cheese and then discovering that you can strain greek yogurt even more and get greek yogurt cheese that is very like cream cheese. For some reason I can only get nonfat greek yogurt at the Jewel, so this is nonfat, super protein like cream cheese. So now I have tea with whole wheat toast and greek yogurt cheese for breakfast at work. Lately I'm eating it for breakfast at home, too. Which means not so much greek yogurt and applesauce, so I'm down a little protein and a little fruit. At least I'm finally done with white foods and back to whole wheat bread and brown rice, so my card is looking not bad again.

I guess I also emancipated myself from afternoon snacks, not for any nutritional reason. Or well, I guess it was partly to time dinner better with my evening practices. It's perfect to eat dinner at five thirty and then get on my bike at six thirty for seven o'clock practice. If I eat a snack at three, I'm not hungry blah blah blah. Mostly though, it was to train myself to work for longer blocks of time. What can I say, I like food and I slow down for snack breaks. So now I eat every four hours instead of three, and my meals are basically breakfast, lunch, dinner, and post workout snack. I guess I don't feel hungry, but I'm not covering as much of my card and also I've lost a few pounds.