Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Play Wear

footless tights


I've been wearing black Xhilaration leggings forever for skating, then Target switched to Mossimo leggings, and then Mossimo leggings changed to a wide waistband. DO NOT WANT. But now I have worn the last of my old leggings to shreds, and also they don't fit my butt anymore. So I went back to Target, still with the wide waistbands. What is up with that. Waistbands give you muffin tops, is what.

I actually did find Xhilaration leggings again with the socks, but they're $10 for a pair. They used to be $6.99, just saying. I mean, that's mainly what was good about them. Also why not try something new, how can you go wrong with footless tights for $5 a pair.

Well. Maybe I shouldn't have bought eight pairs.

I mean, they're okay. They're comfortable to skate in, and they have almost no waistband. I don't care if they snag on the thousand points of velcro that I'm in contact with, I'll wear them until they fall apart. Though probably that's going to be sooner than later, this pair just plain ripped its first time out. Tut.