Friday, April 15, 2011

Cucumber Salad

rice tofu and cucumber

BA HA HA HA, you didn't think that I wouldn't try making waffled tofu in the waffle iron? This was an earlier experiment, the slices were thinner so there are two slices per box.

3 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
2 Tbsp dark sesame oil
2 Tbsp peanut or canola oil
one cucumber

Measure the vinegar into a bowl. If it isn't already seasoned (some rice vinegars are), add salt and pepper and also any herbs or spices that you may want. Drizzle the oils over the vinegar and whisk it in. It should thicken to the consistency of beaten egg yolk.

Halve the cucumber crosswise. Peel and quarter the halves lengthwise, cut out the seeds, and slice the quarters crosswise. Toss the cucumber slices in the vinaigrette, I usually let them marinate all together in the refrigerator and put them in lunch containers the next day, or truthfully, as I'm rushing out of the house late for work.