Friday, April 8, 2011

Green Tea with Greek Yogurt and Applesauce

green tea with greek yogurt and applesauce

At first I felt that I shouldn't post this, because scooping half a container of greek yogurt in a bowl and pouring some applesauce over isn't hardly a recipe. Then I thought, this is what I eat. And it's good! It's easy, and it's good. It should be seen! So you know that breakfast can be this easy and this good, and you don't feel like the whole world is separating eggs to make homemade waffles with creme anglaise and fresh berries for breakfast.

You know what else, the next day you can pour the applesauce over the other half of the yogurt right in the container. Which is even easier.

It takes longer to make the green tea, honestly. The sweetie man always gets Stash teas from Jewel, I like this chai green tea but drink the premium green tea with matcha more often.