Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Work Wear
 Shoo Goo

I'm telling you, miniskirts with tights over leggings and snowboots are cute! And also warm!

Why do snowboots leak, though. You know that if you buy cheap snowboots, they will leak. And you don't know if you buy expensive snowboots that they won't leak. But this is madness, they're snowboots! They're meant to be worn in the snow, why would you not make them not to leak? Even if they're cheap, it's not okay for cheap snowboots to leak! But whatever, I want it to be one way but it's the other way. Instead of snow boots that don't leak, we have leaky snowboots and Shoe Goo.

Shoe Goo is an amazing waterproof substance, for a world where snowboots aren't made not to leak. I suppose the world where snowboots are made not to leak doesn't have Shoe Goo. But anyway I'm never buying expensive snowboots again, I'm just getting cute cheap snowboots from now on and gooing them up. I got these Sporto snowboots on sale last year at some department store, and they were leaky along the seam where the sole attached to the boot.

squoosh out bead of goo

So I taped off the seam pretty close to the seam and squooshed out a bead of Shoe Goo.

spread goo along seam

I used a palette knife to spread the goo along the seam. A butter knife would probably work just as well, the dried goo will rub off the knife. You do have to take the tape off before the goo dries, though, or you will have tape permanently stuck to your boot. Let it dry for at least 24 hours and ta da, you have totally waterproof boots for the rest of winter.