Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Play Wear


I've never been a winter biker, though now I can't think why not. I crazily chose the second day after Snowmageddon to try biking to the practice space. Only it wasn't crazy, our car was buried up to the windshield in snow after all and I had to get out. Now biking in winter just makes sense, you're perfectly warm when you're biking as long as you're bundled up. The only thing about the cold is, the gears don't catch if the freewheel is dry or dirty. I was having to scooter push my bike, then pedal and change gears wildly until something caught or else slowly tip over and have to start over. Which was hilarious, and an adventure. But I took her to Quick Release the next day, she's all good.

I biked to practice and then after practice to Boiler Room for Mel's birthday, it was zero degrees. Which is really cold, I'm not going to lie about that. It was good, though! Because now I know I can, and now biking when it's just freezing seems downright pleasant.

The next day, my snowsuit arrived! This is a regular size large Lands End Boy's Snow Squall Bib, it just fits in the hips and butt. Possibly husky would have been better, I can't gain an inch as it is and it's likely that I will.

I am loving riding my bike again, it's really giving me a boost. And a cardio and lower body workout, but really that's just a byproduct. I've been stepping down my practices, which has been good. Sometimes you need more discipline and sometimes you need more freedom. Though if you've noticed people who have plenty of discipline tend to think they need more discipline and people who have plenty of freedom tend to think they need more freedom, and get stuck like that. Sometimes you manage to switch, and then it's like you get to unlock the next level—