Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Hobby Wear


Nooooo Poppy, nooooo!

Ha ha ha, yesssss!

Is this a perfect example of Mendelian inheritance or what. There's the sister who wouldn't be caught dead wearing Crocs, the sister who wistfully thinks that Crocs look comfortable but won't buy them, and the sister who actually is dead but don't be stupid, they're totally comfortable. So when she leaves five pairs of Crocs, the middle sister crumbles and picks up a slingback pair for summer and a FLEECE-LINED pair for winter.

My feet are so warm.

I crunch when I walk. So I call these my Orcs.

So now what I wear around the house is hoodie, track jacket, undershirt, long underwear, sweatpants, white socks, AND CROCS. Also sometimes my WCR hat, and black fingerless gloves. I only took a picture of my feet, but I want you to think about me in all my glory.