Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fall Pastime Wear

I know, fall is very long in the tooth. But winter wear is just layers of hoodies with fall wear underneath, and layers under that. Truthfully, pastime wear for staying in and watching television is a v-neck undershirt with long underwear and sweatpants. And I watch television a lot. When I do go out, I rock some jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt layered under another t-shirt.

wings in the shape of a guitar

I'm down to four pairs of what used to be my mom jeans, and two of them I won't be able to wear in winter because I need to wear long underwear under my jeans in winter and nothing's getting between me and my Calvins these days. They are, actually, Calvin Kleins that I got at Costco maybe eight or ten years ago. I have a long history of wearing body concealing clothes, until a couple of years ago Meg marched me out for my birthday to buy two pairs of size two jeans. Which I can't get past my thighs now, those and the two pairs of size four pedal pushers that I tried out for WCR the first time in. Yes, I tried out for WCR in jean shorts. Don't. Anyway, you know that episode of Star Trek Next Generation where Wesley accidentally creates a space-time anomaly and people keep getting sucked off the Enterprise? It's like that for me, except with pants. Well also, people. I don't mind about getting bigger, by the way. I spend almost all my time with girls who are all trying get bigger. When I get reassured that I'm not fat, it's like resurfacing from hanging out with radical liberals and there's still Fox News.

For long-sleeved t-shirts, I like Xhiliration sleep tees. They're very thin and stretchy. I haven't checked if Target still has them.

For t-shirts, I prefer t-shirts that I've designed or surgered myself or free t-shirts like from the free bin at the practice space. I recently picked up three treasures: a black one that has an appliqued 56 and Jagermeister written down the side, a red one that says I Want You To Want Me in black velvet letters, and the one pictured that says MUSIC IS MY SOUL on the front and has BEDAZZLED WINGS ON THE BACK. IN THE SHAPE OF A GUITAR. These used to belong to AliSin Chains, who must be getting tired of me grinning excitedly every time I see her and I'm wearing one of her old t-shirts.