Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Buyer's Guide to Shin Guards

nike mercurial lite iii shin guards

So a couple weeks ago at Fury practice, I slightly tripped over Mel and I swear I just brushed my left shin on her wheels but did it hurt. Then the next night during a Windy City paceline at agility practice, Pom kicked me right smart in the right shin. That also hurt. So then I went out and bought shin guards.

You can find them at like Sports Authority with the soccer stuff, some girls have guards that strap around their calves. Which I knew I didn't want, I feel like having straps around my calves would freak me out. I got lightweight guards that slip into your socks instead.

But I wore them once, and I don't wear them anymore. Because I didn't get kicked at that practice, and it was too much crap to have stuffed into my socks. Lots of girls won't skate without them, though. So, submitted for your consideration.

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