Friday, December 3, 2010

December Diet Quality Card

december daily diet quality dance card

So Sarge and I have been drinking smoothies with an added sense of hysteria, because it's too cold. But smoothies are so good!

S: Arrrrrgh!! Could't resist again. I might catch pneumonia.
P: Ha ha, you're like a moth to a smoothie!

And yesterday:

S: Ummmmm.... I may or may not have taken a scalding hot bath just so I could drink a smoothie in it. Maybe. Is there a support group for this?
Are you kidding, that's genius. I've been eating oatmeal with dried cranberries and walnuts instead, I feel so unimaginative. If I ever don't think that I was born lucky, consider that I really love oatmeal. But it works out, because I always drink orange juice with oatmeal. I forget why. Oh, because oatmeal and orange juice supposedly reduces LDL cholesterol better together. That's not why I thought. Ha ha ha! Not like it's going to hurt you! I've actually been drinking orange juice or orange juice soda more with meals with the idea that the vitamin C in the orange juice helps with both calcium and iron absorption, especially iron from plant sources. Anyway, orange juice counts as a fruit serving!

But then also, I stopped eating peanut butter apples for some reason. Aiee, I would have a perfect card with them. I dunno, too cold. Or I just need to think of something new. Last week I randomly roasted some brussels sprouts with cranberries and pecans, I pretty much parked myself by the stove and snacked on them off the baking sheet. And may have eaten giant helpings of curried potato and vegetable stew that should count as two. So it's all good, except that I'm probably going to burn out on curried vegetable stew. But I have ideas, the brussels sprouts actually were for a quinoa dish and I have plans for some roasted root vegetable salads.

I suppose things are getting sort of carby. But it's winter, man.

I switched from soy to almond milk, but I just read the almond milk label and it really doesn't have much in the way of protein. So I'm not counting almond milk as anything. Now I'm trying hemp milk, which is a bit higher in protein but not much. It seems to be a good source of calcium and a bunch of vitamins, though, and omega 3s, and it tastes good. Here's an interesting article about different milks.