Monday, December 6, 2010

Erev Pearl Harbor Day Special Report

Well, my sister died yesterday.

Saturday afternoon after agility practice, I got the message from my brother-in-law that she was in the hospital again. This time it was that she had fluid in her lungs, and they had collapsed. My mom had fluid in her lungs, I know what that means. Or you know, maybe I don't. I'm not a doctor, I just know these two cases.

I had called her Thursday morning, and she wasn't feeling well at all. So we kept it short; but then she called me back, because she forgot to tell me that my nephew made the middle school basketball team. So that was the last conversation that I had with my sister. Really not bad, as far as last conversations go.

If you ever needed to be humbled, you would just look at how life goes on. You're kind of just not important enough not to keep going, so keep on.