Saturday, April 2, 2016

 plank edition

Another friend, another lifeboat! This time Busty is doing a 45-day challenge leading up to her 45th birthday. So far I love it, my friends do challenges right. Lots of challenges that you see like on Pinterest are just too much. Which apart from not being especially good for your body, they set you up for failure. Which is not good for your spirit! My friends' challenges are set up for success. Success good, challenges good, friends good.

Today's challenge is this plank workout video:

First of all, um lady, that's nine moves?

1. Side to Side Planks
2. Plank with Hip Drops
3. Around the World Plank
4. Bridge Plank
5. Straight Plank
6. Mountain Climbers
7. Straight Plank with Hip Drops
8. Spiderman Planks
9. Side Plank with Reach

I mean, right? Not judging, it's not like Nora hasn't PR'd at least once because adding up plates is hard. Just saying that I have 45 stuck in my brain and if you count L and R as their own sets, that's already 11 sets. So all I need is four more sets to make 15 sets x 30 sec = 450. Which is 45 with a 0 on the end, wee! So I added in a couple easier side planks and a couple more back planks to even things out:

1. Straight Front Plank with Lateral Walk
2. Bent Side Plank with Hip Drop L
3. Bent Side Plank with Hip Drop R
4. Straight Front Plank with Circular Walk
5. Straight Back Plank
6. Straight Front Plank
***7. Straight Side Plank L
***8. Straight Side Plank R
9. Bent Front Plank with Mountain Climbers
10. Bent Front Plank with Hip Drops
11. Bent Front Plank with Spidey Climbers
***12. Bent Back Plank
13. Bent Side Plank with Twist L
14. Bent Side Plank with Twist R
***15. Flat Back Plank

I renamed all of them, but they're all the same except the starred ones. And without further ado, my video:

Hey oh, actual YouTube video because TIL Flickr's video limit is 3 min.

Haha this is my brand: alla Poppy, making reassuring videos of me sucking at stuff since 2015! Honestly I think it's spiritually good to video your first try at everything. Not even for later so you can see how much you've improved, but for right now being okay with how you are right now.

But I might work with this some more, because obviously that's what I do and maybe I should provide more videos of the improvement side of things. Like, my sun salutations have really improved since this. Most of these are somewhat short of 30 seconds because I forgot to build in time for transitions, probably need 5 seconds for those. Maybe next time I will figure out what order to walk my arms and legs in, haha I'm so puzzled. Also, I need to sweep my kitchen floor. All my side planks could be straightened out, and I could keep my neck straighter—i.e., stop looking at the clock lol. Some of those dynamic bent arm planks might work better as straight arm planks, the better to preserve core stability with. I love how I played my NOPE card on that bent back plank, I don't know if that's even possible and in any case, a bridge, or half-bridge, is a nice little break at that point in the workout.