Tuesday, April 19, 2016

 plank edition 4 playing around

Today is not plank day, but I do not have planks Saturday because—excite—I am taking a special sun salutations class with Box; and also, the group is back on planks today and I want to do them. And, I've been wanting to scratch an itch that I'm always trying to get my clients to itch, viz., to forget about your "workout" for a sec and figure out your movement. Or even, where the hell your body is in space to start with. Clients usually don't have this itch, clients are always itching to work out.

In the interest of one-stop shopping, here are the moves right here:

1. Straight Front Plank with Lateral Walk
2. Bent Side Plank with Hip Drop R
3. Bent Side Plank with Hip Drop L
4. Straight Front Plank with Circular Walk
5. Straight Back Plank
6. Straight Front Plank
7. Straight Side Plank R
8. Straight Side Plank L
9. Bent Front Plank with Mountain Climbers
10. Bent Front Plank with Hip Twists and Drops
11. Bent Front Plank with Spidey Climbers
12. Bent Back Plank
13. Bent Side Plank with Twist R
14. Bent Side Plank with Twist L
15. Flat Back Plank

And here is the video with my lovely assistant der schweetums:

And here are my notes:

I want to try instead of dropping my hips lower to get straighter, walking out my hands and/or feet to make my body longer. I need to write this up with pictures. TK, perhaps. No promises.

The upshot today is that I really have no business adding in this mobility to side planks (the hip drops and the twists) until I have good stability in a good position for side planks. When MJ puts me in a better position like three or four different times in this video, my lats LIGHT UP and that is what I want to be working. When I start dropping and twisting my lats are like hyeah too much, g'night. So going forward the project is WAKE UP LATS. So probably, back to static side planks.

Besides that, I think I can be more straight (i.e., longer) for all my front planks. Except the mountain climbers can be hinged, but that's still hinged a little up and can be more horizontal.