Saturday, April 9, 2016

 plank edition 2

Holy DOMS Batman, I was nice and evenly sore all around after last week's plank workout. Nobody really knows the answer to DOMS, though not everybody knows that they don't know. I don't mind being sore, but I'm not chasing soreness; it was actually debilitating for a day longer than I wanted. The part that I liked, though, was feeling like I was wearing a corset, haha, a meat corset. So naturally I want to keep doing this, and I also want to improve some things I saw in the first video, and in all honesty still in the second video.

First, I warmed up with four sets of sun salutations. Then uh, cooled down futzing around with my camera and my timer.

Okay then, plank variations:

1. Straight Front Plank with Lateral Walk
2. Bent Side Plank with Hip Drop R
3. Bent Side Plank with Hip Drop L
4. Straight Front Plank with Circular Walk
5. Straight Back Plank
6. Straight Front Plank
7. Straight Side Plank R
8. Straight Side Plank L
9. Bent Front Plank with Mountain Climbers
10. Bent Front Plank with Hip Twists (these are twist and drops, really)
11. Bent Front Plank with Spidey Climbers
12. Bent Back Plank
13. Bent Side Plank with Twist R
14. Bent Side Plank with Twist L
15. Flat Back Plank

The video thing is a whole other learning curve, like I had to strip out the music for my first video and maybe will have to for this one too because of copyright. There's not a thing where you can upload without sound like Instagram?

A) Lol, my hair. B) I was keeping an eye on the timer in my transitions and it actually takes more like 7-10 seconds to set up between moves, so I'm not quite up to 30 seconds per move yet. But, I will probably shorten up those transitions as I get this memorized; right now my timer is set for 35-second intervals, and I only had to reset once this time. C) L and R are reversed from last week, because of where the camera is and I want to show the front first.

Also lol, when I freeze in the lateral walk because I can't figure out which limb I can pick up. This "circular" walk, though, it's really just another lateral walk as far as your shoulders are concerned. I might sub in a forward and backward walk, or a true circular walk where you also walk your feet. I'm going to need a bigger kitchen.

Mainly what I wanted to work on today was keeping my body in plane for all the side planks. I opened the hinge at the hip, but my shoulder is still dropping forward and twisting my torso. I fix that a little bit here and there, ideally it will look like I am trapped inside a windowpane that I don't break (unless I break it on purpose, like for the twists.)

I'm not a super fan of that straight back plank, that seems to be more about shoulder mobility than core strength. That might just be my shoulders, though, and I'm willing to accept that they could use some work in that area. Good old bridge (I decided that for back plank, "bent" refers to knees not elbows) and this new to me flat (and if we're talking about knees, this is straight) back plank is what works the back meat, though.

I'm also on the fence about a bent front plank with mountain climbers, it's just not enough room to fold up that much bone and meat. I mean, my femur is just longer than my humerus. So I have to hinge at the hip for it to fit at all, which, there's nothing wrong with that, in fact it's key for those eagles that I'm doing below. Hm maybe that's my reason for keeping on doing them like this, okay. For now. I'm going to think about this some more.

Finally, I ended with one set of what I'm calling power salutations, roughly this embedded into regular sun salutations, so like I put upward salutes and half standing forward bend back in where they go, and also I have super regressed most of the key moves like those spideys and twists out of three-legged downward dog, and those everlovin eagles. That said, as I thought, the spidey and twists in the plank variations are helping in the power salutations, and today I actually managed something like homunculus eagles. Eaglets.

Anyway now that I've done myself so many favors hunching up in front of my laptop on my cold living room floor to post all this, I'm getting into an epsom salt bath with a glass of tart cherry juice. I did at least drink water and eat some protein and vegetables immediately after.

But see that's the sneaky part about DOMS, I'm not sore now...