Monday, February 15, 2016

State of the Blog
 winter 2016

It's TLC Shark Week! Which is one of those sentences that only means something to me. I mean, TLC means tender loving care; everybody gets that. But self-care, right? And Shark Week is all sharks all week, except not sharks but self-care. So it's tender loving sharks, okay? Very caring sharks.

mermaid and shark

As you can see, another thing that's going on this year is that I am working my way back to you, blog. Whose stats, by the way, are in the toilet. Lol, was it something I said? If you look back, I start to lose my grip towards the end of 2014, which may well have foreshadowed the big whammy that the one year anniversary of which is coming up, and then it goes dark for a while. And all this while my stats are going up, up, up, and my earnings are looking like I might actually clear $100 in one year, which would be a six-fold improvement over my first $100. I mean, all I do is AdSense. I'm not super serious about this. I only look at Blogger stats, I don't know how good those are; the thingy where you could shut off counting your own page views has been broken for like a year, so I'm guessing not that good.

And then, cue Chumbawumba! And I'm not even kidding, right then my stats drop off like Wile E. Coyote realizing that he has chased Roadrunner right into mid-air, complete with holding up the little sign that says MOMMY—see, that's why I thought it was so funny when Glossier contacted me.

Did I ever tell you the story about when I was on the Clorox account, it was a thing to find the chi-chiest boutique hotels in San Francsico to stay in, and one of them was this glass and chrome number that I check in and I super have to pee. So I check in and rush upstairs to my glass and chrome room, drop my bag, drop my pants on the way to the bathroom, and when I'm peeing I realize that the bathroom also glass and chrome. And I can clearly see a cocktail party happening across the alley. At which point I basically turn myself boneless, melt and slide off the toilet like in the Persistence of Memory and slither out of the bathroom, like, entirely flat.

Writing a blog is exactly like that for me. Except I'm older now, so I just finish peeing and since I'm being watched, make a big show of washing my hands.

I'm sure I've told you that. It's one of my favorite stories.

And then I think: it's 2016, nobody reads blogs anymore. And I do a little dance to Chumbawumba like nobody's watching.

ANYWAY. I have this system set up where I cue myself to write, in my words, first about each of the areas of self-care that I'm trying to stay in touch with, and see what comes up, see if I can make them into something that I can post, maybe every month, maybe for a week in the middle of the month, and that week I call Shark Week. Is all I am trying to say.

Oh wait, I have a dangling ordinal—second is writing my GTD review, also every month, but for now that's going to be all in one post, so I can try it both ways.