Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Makeup Routine
 a.k.a my five minute face

Truthfully the thing I reeeally want in the hygiene and beauty department is Sunday Riley's Good Genes serum, which Nora told me about. I work with Nora on Wednesday night and we basically talk about beauty products in between her squatting and deadlifting more than than me—not more than I lift, we passed that mile marker a long time ago. More than I weigh, Nora basically warms up with how much I weigh. She lifts barefoot and her toes are always perfectly done, it is adorable. Nora has perfect skin, too; so I always want to know her secrets. But I'm in the middle of my list of hygiene things I want to write about and I'm going to forge ahead and see if this urge to spend $105 (SHEESH) on a skincare product passes before I finish with this.

So actually for me it's shower first, skincare second, and then I sort of get stuck here because I looove skincare and am always reworking as you can see from the scribbles, ahhh I want to go back. But, forward! I actually have a little five minute face now that bold brows are in, bold brows is something that I can actually do. Things I can't do: eyeshadow (epicanthic folds, I mean I'm sure some of you have figured this out but I have not), mascara (no eyelashes to speak of). But, eyebrows. Eyebrows I got. Also eyebrows, part of my problem with eye makeup is hardly having worn any in my life I never learned not to rub or frankly vigorously scrub my eyes when I feel like it. Eyebrows just stay up there, you know? So I have been all over this bold brow trend, Ronnie tipped me off that the Anastasia ladies were at Ulta and I had them do mine for me, haha, I walked out of there like a pair of eyebrows on legs. But I did pick up a few tips, and at home I worked out a reeled-in version that I can deal with.

But it was sort of like making a clean spot in the kitchen, and now you have to do the whole kitchen. This was how eyebrows led me to a five minute face.

makeup products

Okay so, we left off with moisturizer and then there's a little facebooking while that sinks in:

1. Highlight over brows, brow bone, corner of eyes, cheekbone.

I use this Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick that I've had forever, seriously wayyy longer than you're supposed to keep makeup for, I'm not even going to tell you how long. I'm glad they still make it, because I really like it and might run out before I die. I used to use it as concealer, but I stopped doing that. You know, like how you hang the little flags under your eyes? That never seemed to work anyway, and now as a feminist statement I am no longer concealing, I am highlighting. Insofar as taking up makeup at the age of 48 is feminist. Well it is if I say so. I dot it on the high points of my face and pat to blend, and try not to just rub it off which is how I used to blend.

2. Powder over same.

I hit those same spots with Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder, the one in my possession actually being of reasonable vintage, because I actually finished the old one. Then I dust it away in the general direction of the rest of my face. I know dewy finish is in, but I was raised matte.

3. Brush and pencil brows.

Then I brush any powder out of my brows with the spoolie end of my Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil and gently pencil them in with the pencil end.

3b. Set brows.

Then I set them with my Anastasia Brow Primer brow wax pencil; this was my gateway brow product and still my one-minute face: moisturizer, brow primer, and out. I think normally you put the primer first, then powder, then pencil, but that is too much brow for me and, let's be honest, too much work.

3c. Curl eyelashes and clear mascara.

If I'm feeling fancy, I curl my eyelashes—I got a Shu Uemura eyelash curler because it's supposed to be the ultimate and if the ultimate eyelash curler did nothing for my eyelashes then I could conscionably just give up. It does do something, though I have to do a scary Un Chien Andalou manuever when I basically turn my eyelid inside out. Then I put on a little Great Lash clear mascara, which when I inevitably rub my eyes at least it doesn't show.

4. Then lip balm.

Like I said, I'm an Eos gal until somebody comes out with my honey ball shaped like a beehive. If you're keeping track, my brow wax is clear, my mascara is clear, and my lip balm is clear. Why do I even do this.

4b. If I'm going out, lipstick!

Right now I have this tube of MAC Russian Red that Biggie and I got on our red lipstick date (she got Ruby Woo). Pink lipstick date TK! Like I said, I put it on before I go out and then I let that shit just smudge all night.