Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Review

A new thing about my life is that I have no deadlines. What I have is lots of lovely free time to do things in, so I just pick one thing from a few different categories off my wunderlist and do them whenever I have time, and it takes however long it takes to get them done. Whereas before the model was, this or that Has To Be Done by whenever it had to be done and it was done as it got by then. That's a pretty significant difference to be able to sit with something until you're done with it, and you decide when that is. What done is.


1. Draft simple beauty routine.

Boy, there's nothing like writing up a process to blow your mind how many steps are in the simplest of processes. Also for a girl who doesn't use a lot of products, I still use a lot of products. I ended up splitting this up into shower, skincare, makeup, and hair. Anyway for what it's worth, skincare is done.


2. Clean bedroom.

Just under the wire, done! Holy crap, that was a big job; I had to divide it into like five parts, where the first four parts were cleaning out my clothes and the last but not least part was cleaning the dust bunnies out from under the bed. So like hygiene lives in the bathroom and cleaning the bathroom yielded Draft beauty routine, clothing lives in the bedroom and cleaning the bedroom yields Draft clothing chart. I have a demented idea about that, but I doubt that I will even get that started before this cycle starts all over again. But anyway, I have purged a bag's worth of clothes from my shelves and finally bought actual casual bras in place of my cut-up cami bras and, really sadly, seem to have lost a pair of workout shorts, oh well.


3. Renew CPR certification.

Man, this was one of those tasks that you look at a hundred times like yeah I gotta get on that until finally you're like GET ON THAT MEANS WHAT, SPECIFICALLY. Well, it means:

  1. Googling "cpr certification chicago," and ah, you find that Red Cross, as well as some others, have certification classes but you pick Red Cross because you like Red Cross, they seem nice.
  2. Searching their site for a certification class near you, which turns out to be at the Rauner Center near Rush, easy enough.
  3. But wait there's more, actually pulling the trigger on registering for a class at the end of May, what are you dithering for. It's a little more expensive than you imagined, you used to get your CPR training through the league for free. But nothing free lasts forever and this class includes first aid, that's probably a good thing for you to know.
  4. What, there's more? The online portion of the class that has to be done before the in-person class—and hello, the end of May is coming up right quick— you actually have to launch that and see what that's all about, geez, it's three levels each of CPR and first aid.
  5. Get crackin' on the online portion, it's actually pretty fun and you learn stuff like did you know in a diabetic emergency, when in doubt, give sugar, even if you don't know whether they're hyper- or hypoglycemic. I would not have guessed that.
  6. Finally finish the online portion, all in all it takes about a week.
  7. Realize that the in-person class is at 9:00AM on a Saturday, and weep a little bit. Figure out how to get there, blue line should do.
  8. Take the in-person class!
Done!! I am now certified in CPR and first aid for another two years.


This has been a very TV-heavy month, I've been depressed on and off and that's when I shuffle around the house with Netflix on an IV. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Death in Paradise, Foyle's War, and Murdoch Mysteries have been getting me through the day and putting me to sleep at night. Police procedurals are best for this, comfortingly predictable. I've long been done with the Law and Order, CSI, and Criminal Minds available on Netflix, and now I'm digging into British and period police procedurals. Now that the original CSI is cancelled, I'm psychically willing Netflix to pick up those fifteen seasons. And NCIS, get that too.


One weekend we watched John Wick and The Equalizer, for an inadvertent film festival of insanely competent assassins coming out of retirement. We also started season two of Vikings, which I don't hate. My attention span is shrinking for long storylines, though, movies actually are better for me than TV series, apart from the aforementioned police procedurals, which are the best.

Sparty and I watched The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, which made us give up on our indie film club. I think I'm just not an indie film gal, oh well, know thyself.

ETA: Also, Valhalla Rising. WTF.


This is supposed to be see people but it also means see movies, which to my mind is more active than watch TV or even watch movies at home. We only go out for movies that we really want to see in theaters, and then we go the whole nine yards and get a jumbo popcorn and two cokes. This month we saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I loved (but I pretty uncritically love all superhero movies) and Mad Max: Fury Road, which I liked.

People I saw: Biggie for a haircut and lunch at Upton's Breakroom, my niece in her spring concert, Fury at Fury brunch, not counting people I train, people I train with (Problem, Brawla, Minerva, Painbows), and people who train me (Box).

ETA: Also, Outfit bout. And also, meine frau in her beautiful new apartment.

June Picks

1. Draft shower routine.

2. Draft spring and summer food charts.

3. Clean kitchen for the love of god.

4. Take ProSource quizzes.