Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Review


This whole recovery is a process of ridiculously lowering my expectations, feeling ridiculously euphoric for meeting them, and then not even spectacularly crashing and burning—just like, getting wiped out by a pathetic little cold. So I had that sinus infection, right? I'm not a person who uses the word literally lightly but literally the day after I pressed my sinuses and declared that hallelujah the pressure was gone, I was like ::tbhhft:: SORE THROAT, and then patiently powered down for that to pass, celebrated that little moment when you definitely feel yourself pass from sick to well again, except it still felt like there was something stuck in my throat. And it's still like that, I've been to the doctor again and had an ultrasound, which like all my other tests was NORMAL. I would say that I'm so sick of that word, but some shred of sanity holds me back and paints a picture of the dramatic irony that would ensue should the result be CANCER complete with a sardonic devil poking me with a pitchfork and needling me about how I feel about normal now. Which isn't the kind of gratitude that comes from the best place, but goddammit it still counts.

Anyway, I reworked my framework for getting things done and reduced it to three of the four major areas in my work/play taxonomy: HOME, PLAY, which includes training, and PASTIME, which includes writing up anything that might come out of any of these areas. The fourth area is WORK, which I don't write about. The idea is to have a little bit to do in each of these areas, though actually doing anything doesn't presently seem to be emphasized in this plan.

To wit, June's picks:


1. Clean kitchen for the love of god.

Is how that went.


2. Take ProSource quizzes.

This, actually, is the one light in my life. Idk why it said take six ProSource quizzes on my wunderlist, I have to take ten to renew my certification next year. But, that's fine. This has worked out because I felt comfortable buying a quiz package, which is cheaper than individual quizzes, and also easy to redeem. Way to go, ACE. The quizzes aren't taxing at all, but I get interesting, usable information out of them.

I'm also finally reading my Gray Cook functional movement system book that I've had for ::cough:: four years.



No, again. I mean, there's this. I really only intend to write if the spirit moves me, I really don't think there's a particular need for me to write otherwise.


Not as TV-heavy as last month, I can get out of bed without a television drip. On the passive side, Agatha Christie Poirot has provided friendly and Inspector Morse not-so-friendly background noise. Inspector Morse shouts too much to be a good bedtime companion.

In the slightly more active viewing column, I stumbled into another inadvertent film festival of self-help narratives: Hector and the Search for Happiness, and The Cobbler. We're mostly not watching TV series anymore, except of course we chowed down the new season of Orange Is The New Black. Moviewise, we've watched Bronson, which was by the same director as Valhalla Rising and which I actually enjoyed, then we had a little Jason Statham festival of Home Front and Wild Card, and a Jean-Claude-Van-Damme-in-a-tiny-supporting-role festival of Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning and Dragon Eyes. I really feel full up on turgid ultraviolence. Oh and, there was one Saturday that I stayed in bed all day and watched animated kids movies.


I have pretty much not seen any people this month, except for at the Crosstown Classic and Biggie had a craft party to make stuff for her wedding, I went to that. I'm not even training with Box anymore, I'm dialing it way down until I can get a grip. Though I am seeing a therapist now ::boom tish::

As for seeing movies, the aforementioned therapist gently suggested that I could, not as an assignment, only if I wanted, go see Inside Out.

July Picks

1. Clean kitchen for the love of god, if I feel up to it.

2. Take ProSource quizzes.

3. Draft shower routine.
4. Draft spring and summer food charts.