Warp and Weft

A simple way to look at life is: you have the warp—which Howards End says is money, but which I say is time—that you weave your things on, and then you have your weft, which are the things that you weave over time, and basically your things over time is your life; so if you're trying to figure out your life, you could start worse than by figuring out the time and the things that you're working with.

This is my time

I've adjusted my sense of time now and again over the years, and right now it's like this:

8am-9am = matins
9am-1pm = morning
1pm-5pm = afternoon
5pm-9pm = evening
9pm-10pm = vespers
10pm-8am = night
A little grace beat for getting out of bed, three 4-hour blocks for doing stuff in, another little grace beat for going to bed, and NEW! a nice, long 10-hour block for being in bed. But basically, three 4-hour blocks for doing things in. Breakfast at nine, then do a thing. Lunch at one, then do a thing. And well, dinner is not actually at five; go home from work is at five, then stop by the grocery store if needed, then meditate, then cook dinner if needed, then eat dinner, and then do a thing is how that flows.

These are my things

It will surprise you none that I have an ordered list of the things I want to be doing with my time, as follows:

Nutrition and Cooking
watch TV and movies
write things
make things
see movies and people
Tch, read books is not on this list. Also make things is still on this list, and I almost never do. Eh.

I organized my Pinterest boards more or less as above, and all of the above is represented in my whole life charts, which basically depict things over time, that's what those are. I also have lists for all of the above in my wunderlist. Here's just a link to Wunderlist, the site, not my wunderlist, which is personal.

Kind of the shocking thing is, I'm going to make up a percent, ninety percent of my things, my weft, is really warp-like, not the Stuff of my life itself, but the stuff that Stuff is woven on, and sometimes I think the Stuff of my life is actually just organizing and writing about all the little stuff, like somebody told me that whoever dies with the most organized stuff wins.

Even the thing that I might say is the Stuff of my life, training, is just to lay down stuff for other people to weave their Stuff on. But then again, isn't everything? Think about that. Like, penicillin. Art. And if that's the case, then what's it all for?

I knew the answer to this a second ago, hang on, it'll come back to me.