Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Peanut Butter Pears with Sliced Almonds

sliced almonds on peanut butter pears

Greek yogurt has been my go-to post-workout protein for over a year, and all of a sudden I hit the wall with it. So I changed it up, I put nuts for protein and fruit for carbs.

I mean, the simplest thing to eat is a piece of fruit and a palmful of nuts, aagh, we used to get bags and bags of Superior raw almonds and cashews from Jewel, and now they only carry Jewel almonds. Don't make me go to Trader Joe's, by which I mean don't make me ask the sweetie man go to Trader Joe's! I only send him there if it's really important, like for the microwaveable rice and for grassfed butter. Maybe Stanley's has a better nut selection, and also we're getting a Mariano's on Elston and Ashland and that's uber exciting.

But also, nut butters are fun. Hey I finally weaned myself off Jif, thanks to Heidi. Now I eat I think Smucker's natural peanut butter, it's good. And you know how people make ants on a log, only celery tastes like ass? I'll put my highly expensive peanut butter on some pear slices, you do what you want. And since pear slices already taste good, I don't think I need to drag raisins into this. But, how about sliced almonds. And since it all tastes good, I don't think it needs a cute name and we can just call it peanut butter pears with sliced almonds.

I kind of also want to try to make pecan butter, Jewel does have raw pecans but maybe that's just for Thanksgiving. Pecan butter's supposed to be easier than making almond butter. I know you can just get almond butter, but it makes me mad.

All this is good, but it's getting to be snowsuit weather so I might jump ahead to winter and roasted apples and also roasted pears, I also have recipes for roasted peaches and roasted plums, but I'm less likely to eat peaches and plums in winter and also not likely to roast anything in summer, so those two don't get eaten much, too bad, they're good. Maybe if I ever get a grill, I can grill peaches and plums in the summer.