Friday, November 29, 2013

Winterval Advent

HATS ONIt's not Winterval yet, Winterval is coming and there's things that I need to get ready for that:

  • HATS ON, check -->
  • get tea lights
  • make tea light holder out of the tree limb that the sweetie man found in the alley for me
  • do something about all the junk piled up on the console table so I can put up the tree
  • make a snowy owl tree topper?
  • make a tree skirt?
  • figure out what eight presents I want and get them
  • get presents for nephew and niece

The sweetie man has to:

  • get me a present
He doesn't get a present. He says he doesn't want presents!

Oh I should:

  • get a present for Odie

Odie will probably want to get presents for Bow and for his goat whom he has innocently named Goatse. Bow is his dog, though by now he's figured out that Bow is a stuffed bun.


Everything that you wanted to know about Winterval but were afraid to ask!