Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Breakfast Audition
 eggs shakshuka

I think I was scheduled to get back to egg bites, but idk. I like egg bites a lot, but I don't feel like them just yet. And you know how recipes come in epidemics, shakshukas have been popping up and that looked like something I would eat. Like you could bring the sauce to work in a jar, crack in the eggs, and cook them in the microwave. I only had limited success last winter poaching eggs in the microwave, but I've been meaning to try it again since Ruth posted hers on her facebook.

So I went with il miglior fabbro a.k.a. Smitten Kitchen and gadzooks that was delicious.

poached eggs shakshuka

Here it is the whole nine yards with chopped parsley and feta, and I also topped it with avocado. Really, really good, you only need a sprinkle of feta for flavor and the parsley adds a nice grassy note. Except I am not going to be chopping fresh parsley every day for breakfast, so will omit.

I cooked two eggs in the sauce like the recipe calls for and scooped them out to eat, and then ladled the remaining sauce into jars.

tomato shakshuka jars

Which was only two jars worth, I suppose there would be three jars if I didn't eat any and put it all away for work but that's not how I do. So I just need to stretch it a bit and zucchini, summer squash, and eggplant would be the usual suspects.

Now that I'm thinking, I think there was some tomfoolery around making turkey meatballs for lunch and not having room in the oven for egg bites and turkey meatballs at the same time, and that led me to eggs shakshuka and I'm glad it did. Even though I eventually decided against turkey meatballs and also against cooking more than one meal at a time, to be continued.