Friday, April 26, 2013

Egressions #49-50

49. Instead of butterflies, little doors that open. Via Crafts Unleashed.
50. From the innards of my pomodoro that blew up. Via Craft.

Sigh, so, I had like two weeks with actual Saturdays when I could get my workout in and then be totally free to do whatever pastime, not that I'm complaining because I do actually love training folks and of course I like playing derby a lot, and I'm delighted I get to do both. I'm eyeing this every other Friday, maybe? To make beautiful objets? But idk, I work and I train and I play derby and I blog and I have a boyyyfriend, and also friends, I think I might have enough birds in my hands and maybe can leave a few in the bush. Can I organize these birds to fit one more bird in.