Friday, April 19, 2013

Egressions #45-48

45. Carne asada. Via What 2 Cook.
46. Carnitas. Via My Kitchen Escapades.
47. Korean ground beef. Via The Girl Who Ate Everything.
48. Chinese ground pork. Via Yi Reservation.

Like I've been saying I've started making actual Friday dinners, and Sunday breakfasts, and now sometimes my own tacos for taco Tuesday. My main proteins are eggs, chicken, and greek yogurt, so for these one-off meals I've been throwing in fish, and beef and pork.

I've made the carne asada and carnitas, both sooooo good for breakfast and taco night. Gonna to tweak the recipes alla Poppy style. Heyyy sexy lady.

I'm going to try the ground beef and pork for Friday or even preworkout dinners, oh you know what else I should have included: The Food in My Beard's ground tofu. My preworkout proteins are currently quinoa and beans, but I'm processing them more and more like starch and they don't last. Ground meat or tofu has that sort of spacefood quality that I want for fuel.

Or actually you know what would be great, if I could cook up a big pot of meat Friday night and have it for Friday dinner, a little bit for Sunday breakfast, and enough left over for tacos? Not that the carne asada or carnitas lasted past the first night, though I think I scaled the recipes down. Maybe scale them back up.