Friday, April 12, 2013

Egressions #41-44

41. Dandelion lime cooler, except with tequila gin? Via The Bitten Word.
42. Pale ale lemon shandy. Via Women's Health.
43. New York sour, very pretty. Via The Bitten Word.
44. Grapefruit margarita with salt foam. Salt foam, what! Via A Couple Cooks.

Pretty much it goes like this: 1) be a person who doesn't hardly drink at all, 2) think about eliminating alcohol entirely, 3) be shocked at the pushback you get from undermind about that, 4) say okay, one drink every two weeks, 5) OKAY how about one every week, 6) sheesh, 7) have a thousand ideas for delicious summer drinks, 8) OMG SUMMER WHEN.

Though I think the New York sour will do nicely to get us through this long tail end of winter, a.k.a. spring. I wonder could that be made with tart cherry juice. And be called a New York tart.

Okay though, sticking to the one drink per week is working out so far: challenge accepted. I slightly feel like I upped my alcohol consumption to one drink per week, but it's possible that I've been drinking less in my head than was actually going down. Anyway. Your mileage may vary!