Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Diet Quality Card


I suppose at some point I should modify what constitutes quality for this diet card, it was originally vegan- and somewhat starch-based and now I'm way more protein- and vegetable-based.

Or maybe I can stop tracking so much, I think I have this pretty much down: protein and veg for breakfast, lunch, and snack, vegetable and starch for dinner, starch and protein for post-workout snack. So basically eggs and vegetable for breakfast, chicken and vegetable for lunch. I started eating steamfresh vegetables as an easy way to eat vegetables at work, but they're just an easy way to eat vegetables full stop—this is a Monday card, not that one day isn't much like the next. I am putting the Steamfresh kids through college, I go through two or three bags of vegetables a week by myself. Then either carrots and tuna or carrots and cottage cheese for afternoon snack, either veganly beans or curried vegetable stew with rice for dinner and workout fuel, and ramen with egg at least for post-workout snack.

Yeah, the ramen is bad. I finally figured out that almost all the sodium in a package of ramen is in the soup base, which I don't use, and almost all the fat is in the noodles. I'd probably do a lot better with noodles that aren't a third of my daily fat intake.

ETA: Okay, I switched to udon! Obviously it is still refined grain, but I'm okay with that for the meal before or after a workout. Just as easy to make as ramen, just as yummy, and no fat. And protein, apparently. Ha ha, from what. The wheat gluten, I guess.