Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Planner

blog planner

I dunno, is this interesting? This is my blog planner, I used to draw this out every month or so in my notebook; then I realized, they make calendars. This is an At-A-Glance monthly calendar, stapled not spiralbound, so it slides flat into the middle pocket of my notebook.

I pretty much post five days a week about SYSTEMS, Fashion, Gear, Fitness, and Food, roughly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, though Food has the run of the place (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and drink, roughly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and right now movement and muscles are all over the joint. Ha ha, get it? Joint.

This works for me because it's not too freeform and not too structured. It's more like set up a structure, riff off the structure, let whatever comes up find its own level. Or I suppose If you build it, they will come is pithier. Maybe that's the subtext of that movie.

Movement and muscles, actually, have given me a huge leg up EEEE I CAN'T STOP on having to think up blog entries, but I'll be finishing them by the end of the month. So I better think of something else, I'm spawning the other three parts of four-part series on gratitude in the upper left and a little pile of pomodoro workouts in the bottom right. If I get really craven, I will post my three-ingredient recipe for ramen.

Actually what really works are the Post-Its, that's how I let whatever comes up find its own level. I have blanks stocked on the left. I pile them up and move them around like the game of solitaire that blogging so essentially is. Or it is the way I play with my comments disabled. What, I'm an introvert. When a post gets written, it gets written down in its own little square. When it gets published, it gets a green X.

There are regular features that always take up squares, like my monthly diet cards and my quarterly charts and fitness and food plans; writing regularly about the same boring thing is good exercise, like scales. Also a twenty-day break four times a year takes up a lot of squares and also is good exercise.

This year also I've started posting some extras like bout day breakfasts and WCR promo videos on bout days and poppylogues as the spirit moves, and the twelve things that happy people do differently on the first and the second to last days of the month wherever that falls.