Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Cooking Plan

Sunday morning, I make most of my food for the week:

Oatmeal with Fruit Bits To Go
1. Measure oatmeal into takealong containers and add fruit bits.
2. Fill bottles with silk.

Creamed Vegetable Soup To Go
1. Put rice on.
2. Make creamed vegetable soup.
3. Eat creamed vegetable soup for lunch with pita bread.
4. Divide rice into takealong containers and ladle soup over rice.
5. Put the rest of the soup away, if any.
6. Cook vegetables in the soup pot and divide into takealong containers.

Or Curried Vegetable Stew
1. Make curried vegetable stew.
2. Eat curried vegetable stew for lunch with pita bread.
3. Put the rest of the stew into takealong containers.
4. Put pita bread into snack bags.

Apple with Peanut Butter and Baby Carrots with Hummus
1. Spoon peanut butter into takealong containers.
2. Spoon hummus into takealong containers, and throw baby carrots into snack bags.

Though I am about to burn out on baby carrots, there have been several incidents involving entire sleeves of girl scout cookies in the last two weeks; perhaps I will try kale chips this week.

I trust you to know what things go into the fridge.