Friday, March 13, 2009


I can't go through a half gallon of silk before it spoils. I didn't even know that soy milk spoiled. It's normal for about seven days, then then it starts to ...thicken. In fact I used to be obsessed with chocolate silk, which was perfect with a peanut butter sandwich before practice. Until I tipped up my bottle and bloop-bloop-bloop something like chocolate pudding blooped into my mouth. Not that I don't love chocolate pudding, just not when I'm expecting chocolate milk. In my mouth.

Milk does not bloop.

So chocolate silk and I are taking a little break.

Anyway. The little bit of silk left in the carton looked like it wanted to be bechamel; but I brought it to work, poured it over my oatmeal, and ...blargh. Sour. I didn't even know that soy milk soured. So I dumped it out and went downstairs to get a blueberry muffin.

Hooray, a treat! A blueberry muffin and a coffee! The last time I worked downtown, I used to have a cranberry-orange muffin and a coffee every day for breakfast.

Mein gott, this is not food. This is cake. Not that I don't love cake, just not when I'm expecting breakfast. Seems that I've gotten a lot healthier since the last time I worked downtown—

This is my blog, alla Poppy! I didn't mean to start with a story about how I screwed up my breakfast, but that's what happened.