Monday, August 15, 2016

August Eats

Womp AGAIN, this month the refrigerator has been on and off the fritz, which is somehow worse than being entirely fritzed. Idk, maybe. It's working at the moment, which means I still have eggs and butter in the house, I like eggs and butter. And also it's bought me a little time to eat down the persishables, the first prong of my two-prong approach to this month's eats; and the second prong is what can I eat that doesn't have to be refrigerated.

Anyway remember last month's womp, no more greek yogurt? That was easy enough to fix: eggs for breakfast, which was how it used to be anyway before that stupid doctor put me on the low-cholesterol diet. I took the opportunity to learn a better technique for boiled eggs and am also taking the opportunity to eat peaches in season. This is my work breakfast:

these #seriouseats #hotstart #eggs do peel nicely #peaches #breakfastbowl #goodeats

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Home breakfast has been governed by the eating down the perishables initiative, which has yielded some unusual but good results:

Pan-roasted radishes, really good, who knew.

I've been really clever about lunches this month, first I turned some extra pan-roasted chicken into chicken salad that got tossed with thinly sliced fennel and apple:

it's better with the #apple left unpeeled👍#fennel #avocado #cherrytomatoes #chickensalad #goodeats

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Then, there was a grocery error in my favor:

I must remember this roasted cherry tomato and zucchini for fall, when it won't be terrible to turn on the oven. It was great cold on salad, and I bet it'll be just as good hot as a side for eggs and as the veg in my dinner bowl.

Boy my dad is doing the opposite of rolling in his grave over this dinner bowl:

This is exactly the kind of lunch that my dad would make us, except the avocado; so, not exactly. But sardines, kimchee, and rice, always. So not American, daaad. Why can't I have Lunchables. Anyway rice survives just fine at room temperature if you keep up the pace, which we certainly do in this house; kimchee and avocados are hardy enough to live in an on again off again refrigerator; and sardines, obvi. I was crisping them up in a pan at first, but now I just pop the can, drain the oil, and dump the sardines right into my bowl. I'm in no mood to be nice, it's fine. I was going to start eating sardines anyway for the calcium that I'm missing from greek yogurt.

I had to cook down a three-pound bag of frozen strawberries into compote, and I made up the rest of my goat milk products into koldskal, and that's my post-training snack:

I ain't mad about it.