Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June Eats

YAY SUMMER, the hands-down easiest season to feed yourself:

First I edited out the jam, then more recently the banana from my spring breakfast bowl. Strawberries are still very good at the Jewel, peaches are coming up soon though.

god i love summer, laziest #lunchbowl #watermelon #putaneggonit #salt

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I haven't cooked a lunch all month, except for boiling eggs. Watermelon the first week, cantaloupe last week, honeydew this week.

the easiest #dinnerbowl #koreangroundbeef #kimchee #avocado #rice #goodeats

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Really the only cooking I've been doing is on Sundays I've been making korean ground beef and the like, I'm updating these recipes and will edit in a proper link when that's done.

More pics on my Instagram, by which I mean more pics of bowls than you can shake a stick at. Also stick figures and pothos plants. And cute domos, of course.