Monday, March 7, 2016

List #1: List Your Goals And Dreams

Okay so if you're following along... why are you following along? Okay but if you are, this is my stab at my goals and dreams for the next thirteen years.

1. Well, I would like to have continued to age okay, and presuming that I am indeed going to age, to be okay with however that goes. So, whatever I have to do for that, all the sleeping and hygiening and hydrating and nutrifying and moving and meditating and all that.

2. Here's some food for thought: do I still want to be working for who I'm working for. I mean, I don't want to work for anybody worse, and here's the thing, everybody is worse. My boss is really great. But is this a total lack of imagination, though listen, I have had a lot of horrifying experiences in this regard. But, should I be thinking about being more, in thirteen years, than a part-time administrator? Like do I want to be a full-time trainer? Do I want to own my own gym?

3. Too hard! Let's skip that and talk about my DREAM APARTMENT. Haha when the powerball was up to a billionty dollars we were talking at work about what we would do with the money and I was like, well I think I'd like a bigger apartment? (Just for the record, I would actually give up being a part-time administrator if I won a billionty dollars.) Dad always said, DREAM SMALL. (Jk he never said that.) I want a bigger apartment! I want a bedroom big enough so that I can make the bed on both sides! I want three bedrooms, one for der schweetums, one for me, and one for us. I would like at least an extra half-bathroom. I WANT AN IN-UNIT WASHER AND DRYER. I want a big room that I can make into a gym to train clients in, idk if that's separate from the room of my own.

Just in case you were worried that I don't know how to want things, well, I do.

4. This point last month started to be about smartphones but ended up being actually about self-esteem, sort of? I mean, I think my self-esteem is fine. I just don't love pictures of myself. I will tell you a thing that I have always wanted, you know those Vanity Fair covers with the Hollywood starlets? I want to do a photo shoot like that, but with my friends. Like, with cool outfits. I guess I already have done one of those, but in my underwear. And kind of a lot of them in uniform, now that I'm thinking. What am I, like some flying dutchman of group photo shoots? I guess what I'm really getting at is, I hope I figure out how to be comfortable being visible and maybe this is when it gets interesting along with the being okay with aging.

5. Dang it, do you think I will be able to do a pullup in thirteen years? Idk Munt, not if you just keep walking under that pullup bar between the kitchen and the front room thinking I wish I could do a pullup. I generally hope that I have incorporated something physically new into my life, like yoga or climbing, but I am also not climbing right now. But thirteen years ago, derby wasn't even a twinkle in my eye! But, the little inception seeds of derby were there. Sooo which of you are little inception seeds, my pretties...

6. I guess back to question 1: do I want to be a full-time trainer? I don't think I will have this question answered until I get there. I don't actually believe in begin with the end in mind, I believe in begin with right here right now. Like right now, I have six clients and seven slots, so maybe one more client? And then Nina's going into the wild pretty soon, so maybe two more clients? Actually that reminds me of a great Chris Guillebeau post I just read, brb...

You think a lot about “leveling up,” but you’re missing an important point. You will not level up unless you’re able to manage the pressure. If you’re constantly stressed, you’re not ready for the next big thing.

So in the same way as you [insert your choice of previous success or experience], you have a chance to deeply impact people… but what that requires of you is that you are first deeply impacted.

That’s your task and next step. Not crushing it or working 80 hours a week all the time but learning to be impacted. Preparing to be changed.

Ermahgerd, this is so true. Like I made this big jump last year from four to six clients (and for one hairy minute, I had seven), and it's like for every client you add, you need plus one nap. I had to figure out some new systems, it's sort of interesting. This is what I have to keep in mind, more than anything. Maybe I will write about it.

7. Aaand that brings us to I think I would like to write a book, I don't even know what about. Or how that fits in with being a full-time trainer. Or if that's ...not going to fit. I'm going to need a bigger nap.

8. So listen, I would trade being a full-time trainer and author for finally being comfortable with being a friend, which I have historically struggled with.

Curated by der schweetums.

I mean, I have friends. I hope I still have them. I started this friend business pretty late in life, so in thirteen years I might have friends that I've had for, like, a long time.

9. Man, I read about this woman who basically opened a restaurant IN HER HOUSE. Not that I want to open a restaurant at all. I just want to invite people over to my house! Which I don't do because my apartment is really small, but supposedly this woman just invited people right into her tiny kitchen. I think her personal space needs are not like mine? This one for me is bundled with the bigger apartment, though I could get a start on this if I could get a start on my front room big clean. Argh I will, as soon as I finish this tax prep.

10. I miss dancing, though! Listen to my great idea, actually Design Crush already did this auggh somebody do this in Chicago. Haha, not me though, is where I ended up with this. I do not want to plan a dance party, I just want to go to a dance party every month where you are in bed by ten. MAN though, you know what I want. I want to go to Hawaii for my fiftieth birthday. Because Hawaii Five-0! It will be der schweetum's fiftieth too, I mean not on the same day. Same year! I have mostly forgotten how to travel, though. Also, this is not in thirteen years. This is... next year o.O

That's it! That's my list.