Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Bedtime Stretches

After I brush my teeth and fill my water jar, I get into bed and run through a simple series of stretches:

bedtime stretches

In order:

  1. hamstring stretch
  2. adductor stretch
  3. IT band stretch
  4. glute stretch
  5. spinal twist
  6. quad stretch
I do 4–12 breaths each, depending on what I can even on any given night. The towel is to give my foot something to engage with and keep it flexed; that gives me something to stretch against. The little bobble with my hand at my hip for that IT band stretch is me trying to keep my hip on the ground and not bring it along with the stretch. This kayfabe video is thirty seconds long, I'm doing two breaths here to try to get under the 15-second limit for Instagram. Which nevermind, but anyway four breaths per position would be one minute and then obviously repeat on the other side, so two minutes total. On the one hand, so little and doable! On the other hand, adds up! On the third hand, another signal to brain that it's sleepytime...