Sunday, January 31, 2016

January GTD Review

Yokey dokey, January GTD review slightly adjusted for new considerations:

January picks:

HOME: Cleaning and decorating

3. 2016 means ASSAULT ON THE FRONT ROOM. Make it nice :|

Ha well, der schweetums has been doing most of the assaulting. An entire short wall of boxes has been removed! This month I was mostly letting the mail pile up because tax forms are coming in and I was avoiding them, which was ever so healthy. But, I have an accountant now! So I eventually went through the mail and started a little pile for him. And I finally opened all my Xmas cards, there were a couple quite funny ones:

lol! i have not opened my mail for, uh, a while.

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Sorry I'm such an asshole and didn't open my cards until the middle of January, friends.

I also finished putting the plastic on the windows, and I cleaned the bathroom. I know, I am awesome.

BODY: Healing my body

Really the main thing in this regard is that I actually committed to healing my body as a project, I'd had it in my head that I would be done with bodywork and onto something new in the new year, turn the page and all, that's sooo overmind of me. Well, 2015 is done but my body is ...not done. Stop looking at the calendar, Munt. You are not a calendar. Be present with your body, yourself.

and a little bit of SYSTEMS

4. Aagh get up to speed with this phone...

Yatta! At first I hated my phone (all thumbs) but now I love it, but I think I don't love it too much. Only time will tell, but I think I missed some window for really imprinting on a phone and instead I imprinted on just being present while riding the train (or reading the RedEye, my real guilty pleasure, or my Fitness Journal), I look at my phone sometimes in transit, if I'm in the middle of a conversation on the way out, but I don't have that twitchy need to always check what's going on. Yet, anyway. Right now my phone is being a good servant and I am being a good master. As you can see, I have discovered embedding Instagrams! Plus now I can text emojis to der schweetums. Which he loves, I knowww.

PLAY: Studying muscles

5. TBD.

I'm going to call this done, because what what determined was what place to mise studying muscles en. Which is very much not nothing.

PASTIME: Writing for my two blogs

6. Whatever gets written for aP...
7. Start writing Nom!

What got written for alla Poppy was circumspicere! Okay I have a semi-plan, certain things are set in my "editorial calendar" and then they pop up in my powergrid and I do them: my 52 Lists project, which will come around quarterly or whenever it comes up; my TLC reviews, which will be monthly in the middle of the month, and my GTD reviews, which will be monthly at the end of the month. I feel like these three projects will inspire more than enough material for me to keep up with.

I mean, qqqq: is this too long? Do I give this the Joel Runyon treatment and break each of these into a separate post, like I'm thinking about doing for my TLC reviews? Kinda how I imagine it could work is, this structure provides, what, at least eight jumping-off points for stuff to write about. Idk. Suddenly it's a lot of writing. I don't want to blog more than I, you know, actually live.

Nom-wise, I THINK I have all the photo assets I need to start writing everything up. I have thought that before, though, way more than once, and then there's something else that has to be cooked and photographed.

Going out, seeing people

8. New Years Day chez Problem, maybe I will take pictures with my phonnne
9. Reschedule King Spa?

Yes and yes! New Years Day I went to Problem's. Guys, her house is SO NICE. That's partly what pushed me over the edge to pick cleaning and decorating to GET DONE. King Spa we went to for A-Bomb's birthday weekend, me and A-Bomb and Hausa, rub a dub dub, three Fury in a tub. And I think that was all? Oh, I went to my work's holiday dinner for the first time since like 2010 I think. I'm so much less of a jerk at work now that I'm retired and more rested. And the Fury went to Frozemont, truthfully I was scared about the tubing but it was fun. And I am not so up to speed with my phone that I have that picture- or video-taking instinct when I'm out. And even more importantly, the iFly was right there and we watched the fliers for a bit—flying is part of me and der schweetum's love story—and we are sort of dying to go, I am keeping my eye peeled for Groupons starting right now.

Staying in, Netflix and chill

0. Find something to replace Cosmos, or start from the top...
1. Eeeegh I guess I'm watching Arrow
2. Ash vs Evil Dead to finish, after that TBD

For sleeping, I have settled on The Blue Planet, which turned out to be not as upsetting as Planet Earth and has proven very effective. Now Netflix is going hogwild recommending nature shows to me, so I think I'm set for a while.

If you look at the chart, I watch Type 1 stuff when I'm resting before Tuesday and Thursday clients, if I have time and inclination. I generally need less of this because I'm less depressed and don't need TV to drown out my busy mind, and am generally less patient with, say, everybody on Arrow not operating at 100% capacity; so, I have mostly abandoned that. I know it's not fair, it's not like everybody on Hawaii Five-0 is a super genius. Welp, nobody said life was fair. That was a different moment. I caught up with Foyle's War, which I love, and finished Poirot, which I also loved but I do NOT approve how that show ended >:( and now I am taking a peek at Person of Interest, eh.

We finished season one of Ash vs Evil Dead, il est okay. We also watched season one of The Man in the High Castle, I actually thought that was good!

February picks:

3. Big clean front room!
4. Continue bodywork.
5. And prep taxes for Elliott to finish! This month! I'm serious!
6. Start studying muscles.
7. Start writing up Nom for realz.
8. Felting workshop at Maul's new space, I want to go to that.
9. Few Red Hots bouts coming up, we might go to those.

0. Maybe try NDT on SoundCloud...
1. Person of Interest
2. X-Files!