Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winterval Epiphany
 HATS OFF and intro to the 52 lists project

winterval epiphany

My curio calendar, set for the new year. Tomorrow, go!

Somewhere in the middle of last year's Power 30, I got The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration and then I set it aside because it's all aligned with the seasons, and I wanted to start it in the new year and be aligned with the seasons, and now it's the new year. And now I'm trying to decide, do I keep pace with one list a week? Because I'll tell you about me, you already know, I drill deep. I am thorough. Right off the bat I easily output over 2000 words on List #1, that's a lot of material for me to process and could keep me busy maybe all winter if not all year. But, maybe the exercise here is to go with the flow. It's right on the edge for me, by contrast I also got Tiny Buddha's 365 Love Challenges and they're actually deepish challenges, she invites you to reflect on every one of them, and that is right out for me. I'm not that big on daily anything and then for deep reflection, I need more than a damn day. I pretty strongly feel that a reason why people don't progress sometimes (speaking now as a profesh trainer) is because what's the rush.

Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feelin groovy
Ba da da da da da da, feelin groovy

Which I think is extra funny to feel about a book on Buddhism, not that I don't love it. That one, though, I'm taking right apart for my own nefarious purposes; I do that a lot, maybe with 80% of the stuff I stumble upon. This 52 Lists book, though, it's right on the edge of the 20% of the stuff that I think the discipline is to use as is, as an exercise in trying something someone else's way (like with some recipes, I make myself try at least once the way they're written. Though others I immediately cannibalize for parts.)

So, one vision is: pick a list, blurt back to the list, see what you blurted, divide and shape that into bite-size blog posts. Big bites, obvi. I do most of my writing in my 750 words, in bed before I start the day, and now that I'm back on a normal sleep schedule that's only four days a week or less (because work three days a week, and on those days I like to spend a little time putting on my eyebrows); so writing a thing stretches out over the days, and what I really like is to to stay with a thing until it's done. It's imaginable that I could produce one list per month in this fashion. Except for this first list, which is a monster. This list I could be writing about all year. LOL, the 1 List project.

Welp, what of it. I feel some tiny regret because some of these other lists are pretty fun. I have FOMO about my own 52 lists project. What if I try to write one list every quarter, that way I start every season with a list. Then next year I can start winter with List #2, and so on through the years. Boy in thirteen years, a) will I be 61 and still blogging, and b) this will either be my favorite thing ever or I will be real sick of this project or I will have abandoned it like I did pizza quest.

A man, a plan, a canal!

I am pleased with my curio calendar. 2016 is a really new year to me, not my first year without derby—well actually yes, my first entire year without derby, but more significantly my first year without any idea of derby. I had planned all along to retire after IKC last year, but before the stroke it was in my head that I would keep on as a league trainer; but, the stroke sort of killed that so I gotcher silver lining right here. I used to use my curio to lay out my bout schedule, I was thinking welp I guess this year's curio is going to be blank. But no, I mean I have my usual health and beauty appointments up, and birthdays, always striving to be less of an asshole about that—Shanna and Biggie are ON THE BOARD, I've only been friends with them for eight years—and for my greens, back to the silver lining, not being a league trainer really opened me up for being the aforementioned profesh trainer and this year I want to start doing things like recognizing my clients' anniversaries, and birthdays too, I still have to put those up. The blues are all, lol, superhero movie release dates.