Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Review

This is just a backdated kayfabe post for April, since I started tracking this stuff in May.


1. Clean bathroom.

This was hung up for a while because I decided that I needed a light little mop to get the floor around the toilet, and my first two shopping trips to Jewel and Kmart came up empty. Finally though I found this Libman Wonder Mop at Home Depot, this little mop is everything! Plus I cleaned out a ton of expired products and cleared my head for what my simple beauty routine could be, TBD.


2. File taxes.

Actually getting halfway decent at doing this, actually filed these on April 3 and not on the last possible day. Maybe next year I will have these finished in March. Which was sort of my goal this year, but stroke.

May Picks

1. Draft simple beauty routine.

2. Clean bedroom.

3. Renew CPR certification.