Friday, April 24, 2015

I Get Knocked Down

my pill collection

I'm starting quite the little pill collection...

Boy this week has suuucked. I've been really depressed, I had been feeling genuinely good last weekend, high even, and then Monday at the end of the day at work I started feeling odd and then cold and tired, and when I got home I went straight to bed. I managed to make myself a little rice and chicken soup, which I would later regret, and then the sweetie man found me shivering under all the blankets and climbed into bed with me to warm me up. That was not too bad of an evening, except for the running to the bathroom part, I half-dozed on him watching the rest of Daredevil until it was time to go to actual sleep, which I did. The fever was gone when I woke up, but I was still achy and tired. So I stayed in bed sleeping some more and watching some more Supernatural, but by afternoon I actually wasn't feeling sick and got out of bed to see if a shower wouldn't make me feel more human. So then I went out to train my Tuesday clients, then home and back to bed. Then Wednesday work and back to bed, but at this point I think I am feeling better so then Thursday I get up to do some stuff around the house and you know my internet connects in the bedroom but not the front room, and my phone wasn't connecting at all, and I just couldn't even. So I borrowed MJ's phone to call the doctor to find out if any of this could be a side effect of my medications, and it's an ill wind that blows no good, I told the nurse that my muscles felt achy and the doctor said I could stop taking my statin, muscle aches can be a side effect of statins. Between you and me and the blogosphere, I already knew that and made sure to say muscle aches. Get thee behind me, statin.

The doctor still wanted to see me, so I made an appointment for Friday morning. And surprise, I have a sinus infection. I didn't know that you could have a sinus infection without even a sniffle. That explains the pressure I've been feeling in my head, jeebus I thought I was having another stroke. I've had that since I've been out of the hospital, to be honest. So now I have antibiotics for that, and probiotics for the antibiotics, and a really gross nasal wash to clean things up in there.

I already feel better. Less sick, and less depressed. It needs to be more sunny soon, though.

But, gah:

week ofWORKTrainNutrition
March 15on chair-post-surgery
March 22on chair60%post-surgery
March 29on ball80%transition
April 5on ball100%recovery
April 12on ball100%recovery
April 19on chair*80%BRAT

*Too tired to sit on my ball is tiiiiired.