Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Work Wear
 dansko clogs

fall work wear

Fiiiiinally got a proper pair of work shoes, Dansko Professional Black Patent Leather Clogs. Do you want to hear my ridiculous shoe story? I have been needing to buy work shoes for, like, a year and a half, and last Saturday I finally achieve escape velocity from the house to go to the shoe store, or rather, the uniform store where they sell nurse's uniforms and shoes. Danksos are shoes for people who are on their feet all day like nurses. I'm not sure of the size since the last pair of Danskos I got was, as I like to date them for the sweetie man, "back when you were going out with Sirin," so like ten years ago? And my feet are weird, so I want to try them on. The clerk is the exact kind of butch that gives me the vapors and I am overwhelmed with the desire to please her, therapy fail. Like she's totally not paying attention to the sizes she's bringing out, I ask for a 36 and she brings me a 37 (too big) and a 35 (too small), and I'm about to buy the 37, JUST TO PLEASE HER, but I manage to timidly ask... are these 36? And she's like, No. She gets the 36 and clearly this is the right length, they seem okay but a little bit tight across. So I ask, are these regular or wide? And she says, Regular. I ask, do you have wide? And she says, No. And I say, "I'll take them." What? I mean, they almost fit. In the store. Actually wearing them at work, they hurt so bad by the end of the day that I'm exhausted. Maybe they can be stretched, or maybe I can just order a 36 wide online, actually first I try Zappos which I think I should have tried in the first place, and then I hit checkout and Zappos nicely says, these shoes are not in stock. RAGE. Finally I find The Walking Store online has one pair of 36W in stock, and I snap them up. Instead of returning the regulars, I'm trading them to Biggie for color. Have you seen my hair, by the way? I am a hair model for Biggie, so far I have had a long one length bob, a long layered bob, and this is a short layered bob. Biggie is on her feet all day and it turns out, she was just window shopping on the internet for these same shoes and they fit her perfectly.