Wednesday, October 24, 2012

16 Ways to Master Your Derby-Life Balance
 put yourself first

I'm sure I've said this before, it's like there are two kinds of people: people who are totally comfortable with being selfish and could stand to think about somebody else once in a while for the love of god, and people who aren't, and left to their own devices the rich get richer and the poor get poorer in this regard. The problem, as usual, is with partitives and comparatives, and the solution is specificity:

12. Put Yourself First

“If you’re an entrepreneur, your business relies heavily on your sleep and sanity. Make sure that you are putting yourself first by eating right, sleeping well and exercising (at a minimum). Remind yourself that those things are critical to thinking, creating and performing at your best, and make sure you stand firm to your commitments to all three.” -Jenny Blake, Life After College

Because you know, derby is kind of a tar pit! It can get you and drag you under, and not just you. We're all in this together like papa and mama and baby elephant at La Brea, which is the saddest diorama. Elephants are awesome. Everybody I know is awesome. And everybody I know is drowning in work a little bit, and not wanting to walk away and leave everybody else to drown, and so sort of all drowning together, and sometimes or eventually you do have to walk away, and if you walk away what's going to happen to your team or your league or to derby, that's a bear of a question, and what, do you think I have an answer to that bear?

Let's not even go there, let's just keep it at:

  • Are you eating right?
  • Are you sleeping well?
  • Are you exercising enough but not too much?
Let's not worry about the bear, let's get the bare minimum down. Because I kind of bet that not a lot of folks do, which means they're fighting the bear with low blood sugar and on four hours of sleep and maybe even, you know, it's a dancing bear and doesn't want to eat you.

As if "eating right" and "sleeping well" and "exercising enough" are the easiest things in the world. I didn't say easy though, I said important. Actually I didn't say important, but now I'm saying it. Yeah, you will do more important things in your life than eating and sleeping and exercising. I don't know what those things are for you or whether derby is included in them, so think to yourself how important they are to you and that's how important eating and sleeping and exercising is—for achieving those things, and enjoying them when you achieve them.

Do you know what I'm saying, though? There may be higher level things like, idk, spending an entire Sunday afternoon reading Game Of Thrones, that you should, arguably, do for yourself instead of doing that extra track duty or street teaming shift. Or arguably, that you sacrificed to do derby. I don't know about that. This I know, I'm trying to hold the line where I know what I know. Which is like this tiny footprint that you wouldn't think that you have to fight for, but you do. I do. When it's down to extra street team or eat, or email trainers or sleep, do yourself and everybody else a favor and hold your ground there at the very least.

And if you can't make it all work, here's a thought: don't do derby. Don't do anything that you can't do the work for, don't make anybody else do your work, don't be a dick.