Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Degrees

p: omg savory rice krispie treats.

p: i guess it's not possible.

p: because you need the marshmallows.

m: somebody's probably already done bacon rice krispie treats anyway.

p: yeah.

p: if i was going to write a sci-fi story.

m: yes.

p: it would be about how bacon has been a government mind control delivery system all along.

m: yes.

p: it's so totally plausible.

p: why are people so crazy about bacon?

p: bacon and internet memes.

m: the bacon dumbs you down so they can send in the internet memes.

p: i mean, why do you think bacon is so salty?

p: so you can't taste the neurosuppressors.

reading it over

m: there was a lot of other good stuff.

m: that i would have thrown in.

p: oh, like what?

m: all of it.

p: i couldn't remember it all.

m: because of the bacon.