Wednesday, September 26, 2012

16 Ways to Master Your Derby-Life Balance
 delegate your life

Man, this is how this whole thing got started. I think my eye caught "Let Go Of Fear," "Remember Your Friends," and "Delegate Your Life" and my brain went THAT'S JUST LIKE DERBY and then LET'S WRITE OUR OWN SERIES! Shut up, brain!

No no, don't shut up. I love you, brain. It's just hard to keep up with you sometimes. I missed you in April and May, you were too quiet then. I know you needed the rest, though.

10. Delegate Your Life!

“It’s great to delegate bookkeeping, marketing, and admin work, but for many who are just starting off your budget won’t necessarily allow for it. Get creative and delegate more of your “life” duties like childcare, cleaning house, and grocery shopping to a spouse. Having my husband help me out by doing some grocery shopping means I have more time to spend with him when we’re at home.” -Jennifer Donogh, Young Female Entrepreneurs

This is like the opposite of Remember Your Friends when you thought he was saying one thing but he was actually saying another thing that wasn't totally helpful, you think she's saying one thing that isn't totally helpful—oh yeah, I'll outsource in my dreams— but she's actually saying another thing that is totally helpful and also really pleasingly feminist. I mean, if you have a partner. But if you do have a partner, do you just sort of feel that the domestic work is your responsibility? Thanks to Dad, I don't. The paradigm where dad brings home the bacon and mom fries it up in a pan never held sway in our house. I mean, besides the fact that we kept kosher. Because we were Seventh Day Adventist, not Jewish if you were momentarily confused. It really never occurred to me to expect anything other than that I would always support myself and that I would get help with the housework. And honestly, I think this is probably mostly how my derby-life balance is managed. Letting go of fear and building lifestyle into your brand is smoke and mirrors next to somebody who's taking out the trash and getting the groceries and doing the laundry.

sweetie man and prawn

I don't say this to advise, because I don't know how you get somebody like that. I don't know how I got somebody like that. I say this just to recognize. Because I think that work should be recognized, and how things get done should be demystified.