Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Salad Sneak Preview

After the last threepack of romaine hearts grew wool in the refrigerator, I am refusing to bring more lettuce into the house to die. My salads have always been based on a mix of romaine hearts and baby spinach, I guess because I thought just baby spinach might taste too nutritious. But actually I like just baby spinach better than romaine mixed with baby spinach. It tastes sort of meatier? Which makes easy to commit to veganly salads.

Besides baby spinach is easier to use than romaine, because it doesn't have to be cut up. Plus I'm late to this party: it doesn't have to be washed. Munt. Why are you washing your baby spinach, you overachieving goody two shoes? It says right on the clamshell, 3X WASHED READY TO SERVE.

we interrupt this blog for a public service announcement from shanna:
poppy you are washing your spinach because you don't want e coli. remember the e coli scare a few years back? that was "washed" packaged spinach.