Monday, May 10, 2010

11 Reasons To Be Cheerful

From Stepcase Lifehack: 11 Reasons To Be Cheerful

1. Life. Start by giving yourself one point for being alive.
Score! Point: 1

2. Health. If you are healthy and do not suffer from any major diseases or afflictions mark up another point.
Score again. Also I am uninjured, my rib is almost all good. Point: 1

3. Relationship. If you are in a stable relationship with another person then chalk up a point. If you can honestly say that you love them and they love you then give yourself a bonus point.
Sweetie man! Points: 2

4. Family. If you have children, brothers or sisters or your parents alive then add another point.
I think I should get a point for not posting Pauline Pang's mother is DEAD as my facebook status yesterday. Just to be funny! Ah well, there's always father's day. But seriously. Point: 1

5. Work. Give yourself a point if you are in work or full-time education. Even if it is dull and unfulfilling at times you are still better off than the many people who are desperately seeking employment.
Sigh. Point: 1

6. Value. If you can honestly say that you are doing something that makes life better for other people and adds real value then give yourself a point.
Not so much, no point. This is related to the sigh above, and something that I'd like to do with this blog.

7. Achievement. Can you look back on something that you are proud of? Did you achieve something worthwhile?
Having written that screenplay is an inordinate source of calm for me. Point: 1

8. Future – 1. Do you have something good to look forward to?
I am counting down to: Walk & Roll, six days; Fury vs. Double Crossers, twelve days; Brew Ha Ha get to see Shanna, thirteen days. Point: 1

9. Future – 2. Do you have a plan for your improvement and success?
I have a vision, but not a plan. Point: .5

10. Financial security. Are you financially secure? Are you living within your means? Can you see a reasonably prosperous future?
Can't complain. Point: 1

11. Friendship. Do you have one or more good friends who you can share your joys and problems with? Is there someone whose company you enjoy and with whom you can have a laugh?
It's been a little thin since Shanna moved, and derby keeps me almost too busy be a proper friend. But if you laughed at my answer to number four, maybe you should email me. Point: .5


The maximum is 12. Eight or over is a good score. Now take a moment to express thanks for your success and good fortune. You have a lot to be grateful for.