Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Staying Alive run #3

There's a moment when you're sleeping when you do not want to get up ever, and then it's okay and you can get up. But then you're drinking a little cup of water, poking around facebook, and you do not want to run ever & you know that you will be okay if you just put on your clothes, but you're too pokey and you're finally dressed but only have twenty minutes before you have to get in the shower.

And then you have to go out to the schoolyard and do suicides. That'll learn you.

ETA: The forward/backward suicides were actually not bad, I think because I remembered to have a little orange juice before I went out. What really needs work is getting my butt DOWN for the side/side suicides, there's those hamstrings again...

Forward/backward and side/side suicides, two sets each, 20 minutes