Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Staying Alive run #1

So I did run this morning, I was actually awake at seven and nothing hurt from last night's scrimmage—

—three miles in forty minutes, WHICH IS SAD. The minimum time for the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test is 30 minutes, and a perfect time is 21 minutes. Am I seriously ever going to be able to run this twice as fast as I am now? Though this time I did a half at a run, so 1) whoa, I ran 1-1/2 miles without stopping, and 2) I did that part in about 8 minute miles. Wait, no. Something is wrong with my math. Whatever! The second part I did in intervals: sprint, walk, run. I'm loth to change this, because intervals are probably what I need. Also I get bored more than tired when I run, so it helps to break things up. Obviously I don't get tired, I'm running 13 minute miles. I want to make at least a 10 minute mile, maybe I can make myself run faster just to get it over with.

run/interval 3 miles, 40 minutes, 13.3 min/mile