Sunday, September 25, 2016

Noodle Jars

noodle jars

The thing I didn't get about these Pinterest noodle jars was the just add hot water part. Just hot water?? Surely not. Why not miso, obviously. Of course miso comes with its own handling instructions, I don't think you can just add water to the jar and stir: the miso will clump, and is that going to be hot enough to heat up the noodles and stuff out of the fridge? And you don't want to heat miso in the microwave, all the good little probiotics will be killed :(

a package of saifun noodles, mine come with three noodle bundles per package
a 4 oz box of shiitake mushrooms
one recipe Korean ground beef
a 5 oz bag of baby spinach

Put two tablespoons of miso each in the bottom of three mason jars.

Soak the saifun noodles in hot water for twenty minutes or so. While you're waiting, stem and slice the shiitakes. And make the Korean ground beef. Or you know, whatever. Rotisserie chicken also works. Drain the noodles and put one bundle into each jar.

Top the noodles with a generous scoop of Korean ground beef, a third of the sliced shiitakes, and a third of the baby spinach. I mean, that is really stuffing the jar with spinach. As you know, I just don't like having half a bag of baby spinach hanging out in the refrigerator. Causing trouble. Being a bad example to the other vegetables. Do what you want.

To prepare a noodle bowl: dump the noodles and stuff into a bowl and reheat them for a couple minutes in the microwave.

The miso stays in the bottom of the jar (or if it doesn't, I put it back.) We have a hot water dispenser at work, I whisk a little hot water into the miso like you do with miso and really the jar is ideal for this as it doesn't splash. Then I add more hot water and the jar is also ideal for this, as it has measurements marked on the side. I add enough hot water to make about two cups of broth. Then I pour the broth over the noodles and stuff and let it sit for a minute until the spinach is wilted.

So like, I'm not eating my noodles out of the jar. The jar does have its uses, but I'm fine with eating out of a bowl.