Thursday, September 29, 2016

List #27: List The Things That Make You Feel Healthy: Mind, Body, and Soul

Truth be told I'm backdating this list to get it into third quarter. It's been a rough quarter, but these things help:

  1. Cooking weekly and cleaning at least biweekly.
  2. Scheduling appointments weekly.
  3. Recording bills weekly, paying bills monthly, reviewing budget quarterly, and prepping taxes annually.
  4. Sleeping 8–9 undelayed, uninterrupted hours nightly.
  5. Brushing teeth, washing face, and bideting twice daily, showering every other day, shampooing twice weekly, and bathing weekly.
  6. Drinking 16 oz water upon waking and with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  7. Drinking butter coffee with collagen upon waking four times weekly.
  8. Drinking black coffee with breakfast.
  9. Drinking green tea daily.
  10. Drinking tart cherry juice nightly.
  11. Eating eggs and fruit for breakfast, chicken, veg, and starch for lunch, yogurt for afternoon treat, meat and veg for dinner, and nuts for evening snack.
  12. Walking three times daily.
  13. Standing at least fifteen minutes morning and afternoon.
  14. Doing yoga four times weekly.
  15. Running three times weekly.
  16. Stretching nightly.
  17. Meditating daily.
  18. Going to therapy twice monthly.
  19. Staying in by myself weekly.
  20. Staying in with der schweetums weekly.
  21. Going out with friends at least twice monthly.