Tuesday, September 8, 2015



So like, I'm not trying to Accomplish Something with my life. This may sound weird, but I've accomplished what I wanted for my life. Though I would someday like to live in a bedroom big enough to get out of both sides of the bed. I'm not, like, done with my life. I'm just finally in the right ballpark and am settling down to play ball, that's what I wanted. What I need is to be happy about my life. So my Power 30 goals are less about GTD and more about self-care habits, and here's another thing that I scooped up from my feedly: Do these exercises for two minutes a day and you’ll immediately feel happier, researchers say—five two-minute exercises for instant happiness, first of all, LOL, one of them is fifteen minutes of exercise.

To wit:
1. Three Acts of Gratitude
2. The Doubler
3. The Fun Fifteen
4. Breathe
5. Conscious Acts of Kindness

I figure the ones I need are the three acts of gratitude and the doubler, which is doubling the effect of a positive experience by recalling it in great detail. I figure I have the fun fifteen covered, though I'd like to get my heart rate up more. I'll get there, I'm still getting a ton out of sun salutations. Breathing I do when I meditate. Conscious acts of kindness I sort of naturally do, I think. I think I used to be more naturally grateful, too; that's sad. Oh well, things will need tuning up now and again.

So I made a Google form just so I have a cute interface for my gratitude, sort of genius I think! There are lots of themes already made, I love this carnival theme. I used the camping theme for my form for dealing with frustration—i.e., dark night of the soul. I bookmarked it so I can launch it off my browser, and if I care to I can look at all of my gratitudes and good experiences collected in a spreadsheet like Google Forms does.