Thursday, November 13, 2014

State of the Blog

m: oh no!

p: oh no what?

m: one of the domos fell off one of the horses.

p: what horses?


p: LOL!
m: they've been there for like a month.

So. I'm doing this State of the Blog a couple weeks ahead of time, usually these state of the Bs are the last week of the month. Because I'm done with my big project this year, the food charts and cooking practices, and now I want to dust sheet everything and close the house for the season. Just not think about it for a couple weeks, and then think about what I want write to next year. How I want to write.

Quick look at the dipstick: stats have leveled off at around 350 hits per day, about 10,000 per month. Earnings actually seem to have ticked up a bit, by which I mean they're around $5/month. I should get my first $100 payout early next year. I look at stats and earnings like I look at my weight: not with a lot of interest or initiative, but I still look. It is what it is, it's fine, it doesn't change much.

I'm much more interested in having a project, I haven't thought what that's going to be yet.

Guess what though, I bought a new domain name: Nomnomnomicon. Hahaha! So I also have to think what one blog will be to the other. I mean, I feel pretty well settled with not at all trying to write either of them to the world. I write to myself or to my clients or classes, and leave it out here in case somebody else finds it useful. Both of them will still be like that, only maybe alla Poppy will be more like the magazine and Nomnomnomicon will be more like the book.

But first, the sheets. The white. The calm.

Oh, I just had idea for something I could write.

See, that's how it is.